November 9th 2019 - Taiwan

Well more exciting news.. This is now going to be our 2nd guessing contest.. The first contest went well.. and the guesses came from all over the world, Chile, England, Dubai, the States, China, HK, The race was fun, and the 3 winners were #1 Chile, #2 England, and #3 Vancouver.

So this race is going to be very Exciting.. It is way off in Taiwan.. at Shihmen Reservoir, 21-23km, and.. meters of elevation gain.. there is a lot of up hills and the ground can be hard packed dirty, but any moisture at all and it becomes very very slippery..

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November 16th 2019 - China

Well this is the 3rd race contest.. I haven't even done the 2nd race yet.. but I fly out of Vancouver very soon and will be gone to Asia for 3 weeks.. so had to do now.. Yes, 3 weeks is a long time to live out of a suitcase with smelly race clothes in it..

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