November 16th 2019 - China

Hello everyone… 大家好...

Well this is the 3rd race contest.. I haven't even done the 2nd race yet.. but I fly out of Vancouver very soon and will be gone to Asia for 3 weeks.. so had to do now.. Yes, 3 weeks is a long time to live out of a suitcase with smelly race clothes in it.. but I will be eating lots of Rice.. and those that know me, know I luv, and eat Tons of rice.. I am not sure what diet it is these days that rice is 90% of your diet.. Keto..?? no.. maybe palio.. I don't think it is the Atkins diet.. I think all the Atkins people quit or died.. I am sure it isn't part of the Jenny C diet.. oh.. it is the C. Loco diet.. rice and Blueberries.. hmmm R & B diet.. CabLoco diet..

Well, I can't tell you the results of race number two in Taipei.. but I am sure it will have been fun.. Hmmmm wonder what my time will be.. 3 hours..? 5 hours 3 minutes..? 1 hour 28 minutes.. no.. that is impossible..

So my guess is between 1:30 and 5:03 and between 10th overall and 150th overall.. Cuz the top 10 will definitely be Elites.. guys fly in from Hong Kong to do this race, and Taipei is 7 million people.. they must have tons of fast runners..

Back to the NEW race.. I am actually a little scared about this one.. It is 50km, and 4,500 metres of up.. and down.. This will be One tough race.. especially with not much training..

I also know NOTHING about this race.. the site was all in Chinese.. so I have no idea how many aid stations.. what the terrain is like.. other than 4,500 metres is a ton of up.. The UTMB kids race was 57km and 3,500 metres.. so this is going to be tough..


Here is the link to the race.. check it out..

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Please enter you name, your estimate of my race time, not Strava time, including Hours, Minutes and Seconds, and then what place I will finish Overall, there is probably about 200 racers.

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The person with the closest time will win. In the event of a tie, Place will be used as tie breaker. Good luck!

  • $300* to the closest to my race time, if a tie then the position in race will decide the winner
  • $200* to the 2nd closest to my race time
  • $100* to the 3rd closest to my race time
*prize value is in Bremner's products, juice or frozen. If the winner is from outside the Vancouver area and prefers cash,
then it will be at 80% of cash value.

Once again all the normal, and abnormal legal, and nonlegal disclaimers apply, in regards to age, country rules, laws, tax departments, and your mental capacity.. and this is definitely not gambling, and definitely not habit forming.

We take no responsibilities in any way for anything.. Except if you decide to go for a run, and you enjoy yourself.. Then we take full responsibility for you having fun, and you getting in shape.. and hopefully living longer..


Terry B, Caballo Loco |
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