Are Bremner's juices organic?

Bremner's offers both Organic and Natural pure juices. Our juice has no added water, sugar, additives or preservatives and is not from concentrate. It is pure juice made from only the finest quality fruit. Bremner's Organic juices are Certified Organic, and all others are naturally grown using organic practices.

Does pasteurization affect the antioxidant activity in the blueberry and cranberry juice?

Pasteurization will diminish heat sensitive vitamins such as Vitamin C, but will not affect the antioxidant compounds (such as anthocyanins) in blueberries and cranberries and other dark skinned fruits. Two studies on the effect of storage and processing of blueberries showed that there was actually an increase in the anthocyanin content after the blueberries were frozen and processed.

Why is Bremner's juice more expensive than other juices?

Bremner's juice costs marginally more than other juices because each bottle contains a minimum of 2 1/2 pounds of premium grade fruit, and nothing else. Compare our ingredients to other juices and you will find that less expensive juices usually contain added water, sugar, or other fruit juices such as apple or grape used as fillers. Also, Bremner's uses "fresh grade" fruit, not the low "juice grade" typically used to make juice.

What is the Nutritional Value of the Juice?

One cup (250 ml) of Bremner's 100% pure fruit juice provides you with 2 recommended daily servings of fruit. Please consult the food guide for your daily requirements.

Can you freeze the Juice?

Yes, you can freeze the juice in icecube trays. Just 2 things: First, make sure that the juice is very well shaken before pouring into tray to ensure a uniform mixture. Second, when you take tray out of the freezer and thaw you will again have to stir/mix the little thawed icecube, because the little cube will separate a little bit as it freezes. But it is perfectly ok to freeze the juice.