“I adore this juice. Every time I start to feel my body start to become weighed down with sickness, I open a bottle and let the cranberries do their wonderful work. I’m back on my feet before I’m even off of them. Always recommend.”  -Heather

“I have been using the Bremner Juices for many years and I love that they are 100% pure with no additives.  The cranberry juice is my go to whenever I feel like I am coming down with a cold & it works!!”  -Pat

“Dear Terry,  My husband and I have been drinking Bremner’s Organic Cranberry juice for many years.  We have a two-ounce glass each day, the juice has amazing properties for fighting infections and curing sore throats and colds.  With this juice we know that is why we stay healthy every cold and flu season by incorporating Bremner’s Organic Cranberry juice to our diet.  In fact, all Bremner’s Organic Juices are the go-to therapy in our home! Sincerely,”  -Katherine N.