TAIWAN Race Contest Results- November 2019

Hello everyone… 大家好...
The 21km race at Shihmen reservoir race went well..

I had to get up at 3am and taxi to the main bus station to take a 4:15am bus for the hour twenty bus ride to the race.. there were 2 of the fastest Taiwan trail racers there.. so it was a very fast race.. I was happy with the results.. I was 7th overall out of over 100 racers, and I think only about 15 seconds out of 6th place.. The weather was perfect!

Here are the results and winners of the contest..
I finished the 21km race, in a time of 2:25:24, so 7th overall out of over 100 racers, (1st in age).

WINNERS 3 closest to category finish time;
1st 2:28:34 M. Lim
2nd 2:20:20 D. Broeder
3rd 2:32:00 H. Alagao

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November 9th 2019 - Taiwan Trail Race

(Contest Closed)

Hello everyone… 大家好...
Well more exciting news.. This is now going to be our 2nd guessing contest.. The first contest went well.. and the guesses came from all over the world, Chile, England, Dubai, the States, China, HK, The race was fun, and the 3 winners were #1 Chile, #2 England, and #3 Vancouver.
So this race is going to be very Exciting.. It is way off in Taiwan.. at Shihmen Reservoir, 21-23km, and.. meters of elevation gain.. there is a lot of up hills and the ground can be hard packed dirty, but any moisture at all and it becomes very very slippery..

I am so excited, I will have a Brand New pair of Salomon S-Lab, Thanks to Dennis and Yvonne at the West Vancouver Salomon store for helping me get the right shoe for the slippery mud, and then also needs to be an appropriate shoe for the 50km race just one week later, with 4,500m of up and down I will need good treads for the smooth slippery, wet rocks.. and my old Beat up Salomon Sense Pro with 2,500km will not do the trick.


That is my shoe summary. : ) Yes I have 15 pairs of Salomon, but I am sure every trail runner has 10-15 pairs of trail shoes..

We are also very excited to have all the staff at Cotton Fields Organics participating in this contest. Cotton Fields Organics is a fantastic store chain with 60-70 stores in Taipei and they all carry Bremner's Organic Blueberry juice. I stop in at the Daan Park store every time that I am in Taipei, such a great staff.. Last time I also an up Elephant mountain which is very close to Taipei 101.. (do some googling ) or check out my Strava.. Terry B. Caballo Loco from Kihei..

Herman I will also be stopping in at the corporate Salomon store in Taipei.. It will literally be 200-300 metres from my hotel.. Herman is the only one I know with more shoes than Imelda Marcos..

Back to the race..
Here are the links.. check it out..

  • $300* to the closest to my race time, if a tie then the position in race will decide the winner
  • $200* to the 2nd closest to my race time
  • $100* to the 3rd closest to my race time
*prize value is in Bremner's products, juice or frozen. If the winner is from outside the Vancouver area and prefers cash,
then it will be at 80% of cash value.

Once again all the normal, and abnormal legal, and nonlegal disclaimers apply, in regards to age, country rules, laws, tax departments, and your mental capacity.. and this is definitely not gambling, and definitely not habit forming.

We take no responsibilities in any way for anything.. Except if you decide to go for a run, and you enjoy yourself.. Then we take full responsibility for you having fun, and you getting in shape.. and hopefully living longer..


Terry B, Caballo Loco

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