Team Bremners

Bremner's believes in living an active healthy lifestyle and we "practice what we preach" so to speak. Eat healthy and stay active, feed your mind, body and soul!

Bremner's Racing Team participates in many racing events throughout the year.

Below are the Runner's Bios in order of them joining the Bremner's Race Team.



One day his brother Pete couldn’t participate in a race he had signed up for so he asked Terry to take his place. Having only about 2 miles of training under him, he decided to race and did amazingly well. People often say that Terry’s one of those lucky people who is endowed with good genetics which makes him naturally fast. It’s a good thing because he usually goes into races with not enough training. You could say he signs up for races so that he has something to train for. Between running Bremner’s Foods, Wellbrook Winery and being a blueberry farmer, it’s amazing he finds time to train. But he
does manage to squeeze in the time, because like the rest of the team, he loves climbing mountains and running trails and racing. Terry is the heart of Bremner’s Foods. Being active and healthy is very important to Terry and he attributes his fast running and climbing abilities to eating lots of blueberries and drinking his own Bremner’s juice. Blueberries have been a staple in his life since his father, Stan Bremner started farming blueberries in 1979.

Terry has been racing ever since he took Pete’s place in that race back in 2008/2009, now doing approx 23 races per year.. He travels a lot for work so wherever he goes in the world, he’s looking for a race.

These include the Greece Marathon, Dubai, 4xGreat Wall of China Marathon, RAK half,
Wadi Bih 72k Oman…Mt Bukhansen/Seoul…Taishan/China.... and many many more!


Eat Run Repeat
Any run is a good run as long as it has a hill in the beginning, middle and at the end....uphill that is.
Pete generally likes running uphill, which would explain his trip to Switzerland to run the Jung Frau Marathon (41km up, 1 km down).

Pete’s reasons to run:
Sometimes for the podium finish;
Usually for the T-shirt; and
Always for the food, friends and scenery.

Frequently gets lost on runs while looking for new routes although he prefers to think of it a bonus kms. Since giving up his Garmin, he frequently runs without a watch. Time doesn’t matter; it’s about the friends, stoPPing to check out the view and oh ya the food. He has been accused of carrying enough food for the whole team and has been asked to be quiet after tearing open and munching on chips while running. Pete has been known to plank in the middle of a race. Why... extra food credits.

Pete won’t give a list of his races time, but has this list of personal bests (PB’s).
Best Food: Owl Ravine Classic Half Marathon
Best Hill: Jung Frau Marathon, Switzerland
Best Training Runs: Knee Knacker
Best Race Director: Heather, Mountain Madness
Best Win: Beating Herman on the O2X Scramble (not about the win, just good friendly competition... and the only time he says he will ever beat Herman)
Best Wrong Turn: Kane Valley Classic



Born and raised in Vancouver, this West coast girl can often be found
at Grouse Mountain. Whether it’s hiking up the mountain or running the trails around there.

Although she’s always been a runner, she never participated in any
races. It didn’t interest her and she said “I’m not competitive.” Until she met Terry that is… She joined Team Bremner’s in 2012 and discovered her competitive edge. Starting out with only 7 races in 2012 and up to 18 races in 2014, it’s safe to say she enjoys racing. She says one day she’ll catch Terry on the race course.

She proudly runs for Team Bremner’s!!

Truly grateful to be part of such a wonderful group of fast people to train and to hang out with and to represent Bremner’s Foods. Hikari is all about eating local, natural food, being active and living a healthy happy lifestyle.


Despite winning several races in his age or even in overall category, Herman still insist that he is not a runner. Maybe because he think he doesn’t have the ideal body type. However, he enjoys the camaraderie, free stuff and of course free food that comes with running. Yes, Herman loves free stuff. His only athletic background started when he signed up at a local gym because they were giving away free T-shirts. At the time, despite being skinny and nerdy, Herman wanted to be muscular, like Arnie (Schwarzenegger), and play basketball like Mike (Jordan). He still lifts weights and occasionally plays basketball but he's neither big like Arnie nor plays basketball like Mike. Today, not only that he is a competitive trail runner, he’s also known to his friends as the, “Plank Master”, for winning the plank competitions.

In his first trail race at 5Peaks Whistler, he trained the night before, then during the race, both his calves cramped up. He would register for Sun Run and train only for a week. When his wife Gilda started running marathons he told her, he'll never run longer than 10k, as he was afraid of losing muscle mass.

In spring of 2012, Herman tore his meniscus playing basketball. Instead of taking time off he bought a bike and started riding to grouse mountain to hike the grind. Then while injured, he entered the 5Peaks race in Maple Ridge, where met Peter Bremner for the first time. They chatted during the race, and they’ve been training together ever since. Later that year at 5 Peaks race in Buntzen Lake, Herman had the chance to meet with Terry and Hikari. A bond of friendship instantly developed, as Herman always crosses the finish line smiling regardless of the outcome. This is what Team Bremner is all about – living active, healthy and always having fun.

Since becoming a member of Team Bremner, Herman fell in love with trail running. He started running longer races but still reluctant to run longer than 20km. Well, not until fall of 2013 when Peter picked up a free Dirty Duo 50km sweater during the Mountain Madness 19km Phantom Run. “I already have the shirt, we have to do this race” For whatever reason, Herman agreed without thinking of the consequences. Jan 1st 2014 training started at Owl Ravine Classic (ORC) inaugural race. Herman and Peter are co-directors of ORC, New Westminster's toughest trail race but amazing food. On March 8, 2014 Herman completed the Dirty Duo 50km, his first ever ultramarathon race. In 2014 Herman completed over 20 races, which include two 50km ultra and first ever road marathon & half-marathon. Thanks to “The Coach” Peter, “The Captain” Terry, the rest of Team Bremner, “The Crew” Gilda and Joshua and his running friends, Herman caught the running bug and is now hooked.


Warren is a great believer in being active, eating healthy, and approaching life with positivity and enthusiasm- things which he believes embodies the philosophy and spirit of Bremner Foods. Warren has been a member of Team Bremner since 2013. He met Terry and Hikari while training on the Grouse Grind and an instant friendship was born. He draws inspiration from Terry, Hikari, and all the other members of Team Bremner to be passionate in his own interests; to pursue excellence and have fun in all areas of life; and to try to be a positive, encouraging, and supportive influence on others- as others have been to him. Warren is a relative newcomer to running and other athletic endeavours, but he loves the training, the competing, the comraderie, and the festive atmosphere of race events. He loves seeing how far and fast he can push himself, and he can’t wait for the next race!

Warren’s Selected Race Experiences:

2015 :
March 2015 : Green Sock Half Marathon : 5th overall, 1st in age category
March 2015 : Hot Chocolate 10.4km : 7th overall, 2nd in age category
January 2015 : Chilly Chase 5km : 3rd overall male, 1st in age category

2014 :
October 2014 : Vancouver’s Inaugural Rock and Roll Half-Marathon : 196th out of 6709 racers
March 2014 : Birch Bay Road Race 15km : 14th overall, 3rd in age/gender category
March 2014 : Hot Chocolate 10.4km : 5th overall
January 2014 : Vancouver Chilly Chase 15km : 8th overall, 3rd in age/gender

2013 :
September 2013 : Grouse Grind Race : 1st Place in Team Category with Team Bremner : Terry, Mark, Herman, Jason)

2012 :
October 2012 : Whistler 50 Relay : 2nd Place in Category with the Buntzen Burners
September 2012 : Grouse Grind Race : 1st Place in Team Category with Team MGC, 4th overall in individual age/gender category
June 2012 : Completed 13 Grouse Grinds in one day in support of the BC Heart and Stroke Foundation. Average time : 53 minutes per grind, over $2000 raised
May 2012 : 5 Peaks Golden Ears Enduro : 5th in age/gender category


My journey begins in the North End of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. We had to run, everyone ran from the dreaded McSween twins. So I thank them, John and David McSween... The Sueys (legends) Fast forward my 20's and mid to late 30's. I happen upon 2007, a series of unfortunate events hit me in the span of a month that made me re-evaluate my lifestyle.
Skinny, fat, bald, and hairy is not attractive, but skinny and bald is.
Between 2008 - 2012 I fell in love with the Grouse Grind, and through that trail I met more trails and branches of good people, I fell in love with hills, anything that goes up is ok with me.
In 2009 I entered my first race, the Grouse Grind Mountain Run, my goal was top 100, I finished 99th with a time of 39:29, it's been all uphill since then.
At the time I was an aggressive hiker, not a runner, at a social event s wise man, Jason Chong, asked me if I ran?
I haven't run since I left New Glasgow and the archaic McSween twins. It got me to thinking, and off I went.
In 2010 it's introduced to Seek the Peak, a race from Ambleside beach to the peak of grouse mountain, and it here where I met Herman, and was introduced to 5Peaks trail running series, in 2011 I ran the Whistler/Blackcomb enduro coarse, mountain running!!!!, I finished 17th overall, and I beat Herman :), and from then till now there are only 2 people when I start a race, myself and Herman.
In 2013 I entered my first ultra (Diez Vista 50k) with my friend Warren Nipp, and it's there where I first met Terry, Hikari and the Bremner's movement.
I've never won a race, but as the years pass on I'm continually getting faster, and I'm having fun.
Keep moving, don't get dusty.
In August 2013 at the 5Peaks Whistler/Blackcomb race Terry gave me my first running jersey, and some blueberry juice, since then it's been blueberry fields forever.
I would like to thank the grouse grind for my introduction to mountains and trails.
Big thanks to Bremner's Foods and the entire Bremner's family.
I want to thank my Mother, Father, and my Brother Michael for the life I've lived thus far, I love you.
Go run, have fun.
I live to run, and I run to live again.
Thank you's:
Jeff Pelltier, Karl Woll, Kathy Porter, Oliver Bibby, Herman Alargo, Jason Chong, Amy Tso, Brigitte Chastkavich, Curt Lewchuk, Terry and Peter Bremner, Hikari Nitta, Warren Nipp, Matt Barry, Dave Melanson, Mark Lister, Spandy Andy, Ivan Filippov, John Forsyth, Jay and Solana Klassen and everyone involved with 5Peaks running series, Gary Robbins and everyone involved with Coast Mountain Trail Series, Ean Jackson, Frank Wimberley and everyone involved with Club FatAss, Peter Watson and everyone involved with Mountain Madness trail running, And to everyone else, "God's will be done, I love you" - Saul Williams


Tara always played sports growing up throughout school (mainly Soccer and Volleyball). She continued soccer up and into first year university. She really enjoyed running on the field more than handling the soccer ball. Once she figured that out she started running more and eventually quit soccer. She entered a couple of half marathons in her early 20's and later joined the Vancouver Falcons Athletic Club approximately 5 years ago. She met some great running friends in that club (Bremners Alicia Woodside) and they both ran their first trail race in 2011 at the Iron Knee.

Tara ran her first ultra in 2012 at Chuckanuck (with Alicia). After that she mainly signed up for races in Washington and Oregon. She completed the most ultra races she has ever done in a year this past year (approximately one a month).

Tara used to work at Bremner Foods Blueberry Farm when she was 18 so her relationship with Bremner Foods goes way back! She ran into Terry Bremner again about a year and a half ago at a running event of course! And she has been on the Bremner Team ever since! She started signing up for more local Vancouver Races with the Bremner Team! Next is Kneeknacker July 11th 2015 and Squamish 50 K August 23rd, 2015! Tara loves being part of the Bremners Team! Go Bremners Go!


Alicia ran her first trail race with Tara in 2011, a race traversing half
of the North Shore mountains, called Iron Knee. Unaware of the local geography and untrained at running hills, up or down, Alicia's road marathon experience did not suffice for the mountains. She finished the race well behind her friends, daunted by the steep never-ending switchbacks and gnarly descents, and thinking she would stick to road running. She decided that trail running was just not her thing.

Thankfully, her friends kept dragging her out and waiting for her on the trails, and it didn't take long before she fell in love with it. Soon enough, Alicia was barrelling up and down roots and rocks, spending most free days on the trails, and even moving right to the Baden Powell trailhead where she ran that first race, basically living on the trail. She's come a long way after fearing hills, roots and rocks in that first race, as she is now one of the fastest local trail runners, which would have been a stretch of the imagination when she started. Alicia joined the national team for trail and road 100km in 2014/2015 where she represented Canada in Doha, Qatar, and Annecy, France, and she continues to set new goals for herself that take her to places she never would have imagined. She believes in the power of running in sparkles, and prefers any run that ends with Bremner's blueberry pie.

Alicia & Tara's running & adventure website:
Alicia's profile on ultrasignup:

Recent results 2014 & 2015:
- 1st place, 2014 elk / beaver ultras 50 miler with a new personal best 50 mile time of 6:58.28
- 1st place, 2015 elk / beaver ultras 50km outright with a new personal best 50k time of 3:53.18
- 2nd place, HURT 100 in Hawaii, one of the toughest ultras in the world, thanks to the help of her friends and family who made sure she ate enough during those 28 hours of fun in the jungle...
- 1st female Canadian runner at the World 100k in Qatar in 9:33.05