Bremner's believes in living an active healthy lifestyle and we "practice what we preach" so to speak. Eat healthy and stay active, feed your mind, body and soul!

Bremner's Racing Team participates
in many racing events throughout the year.

This team includes Terry Bremner, Peter Bremner,
and Hikari plus others in select races.




Trail Cantauria Extreme in Chile

"Race was Saturday.. weather was perfect, 11-13c, but trails were wet and slippery mud, at one point had to run thru 1.5 ft of water... they also said it was 600m of up but ended up being 900m of up... makes a difference in only 21km, and calculations for time..."
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Brian Clements placed 7th men and 9th overall
at the Bear Mountain race, 21k on June 8th 2019

Fraser Valley Trail Races

"This was the inaugural race for this trail association. An amazing experience, so well organized and full of trail family spirit!"

Team Bremner's, Herman, finished 73 out of 4000 - 6000 runners at the BMO!

Racing Events Participate and/or Sponsor

21 Climb the Wall
Oyama Marathon 9km
CapCrusher 8/13km
5 Peaks Golden Ears
Great Wall 42km
Iron Knee
Survival 13/18km
Leadville 42km
Knee Knacker 50km
Tokyo 20km
Tenderfoot Boogie (28km)
Knee Knacker (30 miles)
Grouse Summit challenge
5 Peaks Cypress
Whistler RedBull 400m climb
Buck'in Hell (15 or 50 km)
Squamish (50 km)
Manning Park (120 miles) Fatdog
5 Peaks Whistler (11 km)
Sky Pilot Squamish (22km)
Run Ridge Run Buntzen lake (13 or 25km)
Victoria marathon
Hallow's Eve Lynn valley (21km)
Phantom run Lynn valley (24km