The Bremner Family Farms

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The Bremner family has been farming since the 1950s, when Stan Bremner began by harvesting potatoes in Delta. In 1980, with the help of his wife, Caroline, and four sons, he planted his first blueberries on their East Delta farm.

Today this blueberry farm has grown to 80 acres, and produces top-quality fruit that is prized for its intensity, full body and rich flavour. The farm uses sustainable earth friendly practices and is located in a prime location against Burns Bog, which makes for optimum soil and the excellence of this crop, and perfect for producing Bremner’s premium blueberry juice. The Bremner family also has a cranberry farm in Fort Langley, where Bremner's delicious cranberry juice was introduced from.

Headquarters to Bremner Foods is located on the 55 acre farm in Delta which includes Bremner's offices, warehouse, bottling facility and 5 acres of organic blueberries in which these blueberries and bottling facility are Certified Organic and processing is Registered with the CFIA. This farm is also home to Wellbrook Winery, Terry's other aspiration in wines!

Bottling Facility


We have our own bottling line up and running to ensure quality products every time, and we are also proud that this will help us to do our part for the environment by reducing our carbon footprint! Our bottle facility at the farm is Certified Organic by FVOPA and registered with CFIA.